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Dems for NASD

Doing the hard work of governing a diverse district and creating accountability for all stakeholders so that our students can accomplish their dreams.

Our Story

We are Democrats who are deeply committed to working in our community and for our community. We believe in the power of public schools. We always work from a position of empathy, accountbility and data driven decision-making. 

It takes ALL of us.

Priorities and Highlights

Science of Reading

Research shows that creating strong readers by 4th grade is a predictor of successful high school outcomes. We're redirecting the entire NASD family toward better reading outcomes with new curriculum (Wit and Wisdom) based on the science of reading.

New STEM Labs and Math Curriculum

While we rolled out newer and more challenging math curriculum this year, we are doubling down on the importance of STEM by re-fitting EVERY ONE of our libraries with new furniture, maker-kits and hands-on instruction. All backed up by professional development for our teachers to make it work.

Equity and Cultural Respect

We shifted fully to needs-based budgeting this year to align with our commitment to equity for our students and schools. This means investing in line with need rather than simple equal distribution of resources. Part of this is a nod to the different needs of our different cultures and is why we are budgeting for 10 new ELD teachers in the coming year and rolling out middle school Spanish language classes.

Classroom Environment

We need to better enable the right learning environment for our students. Students who are continually disruptive need to be moved to alternate classroom settings so that they can get the help they need and other students can continue learning.

Team Bio's

Phil Daniels

Phil is a Principal Consultant with Axtria, where he specializes in life sciences analytics, machine learning, and data management. Phil holds a MA in Organizational Sociology from the University of Missouri and BA in Sociology from UConn. In his term as a Board Director, Phil has advocated for parental engagement, improved STEM curriculum, and digital transformation projects that will enable strong career outcomes for our students.


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